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Benefits of integrating SMIELS with Quickfile | You don’t want to miss these features.

Improved Inventory, Advance user permissions, Customized modern invoices, automatic sync with Quickfile.

SMIELS is a private owned, UK based company. It streamlines and optimizes all everyday business operations related to sales, purchase, inventory, reporting, and more. To find out more about SMIELS company, visit the about us page. You can also view details for all features.

SMIELS improves sales co-ordination & collaboration and ability to customize roles and scope of team members has allowed our customers to cut running costs in business and increase revenue.

When you integrate your SMILES account with Quickfile, you get the following features out of the box.

Smiels Dashboard

User Management

SMIELS has industry leading user management optimizations. Easily add team members and set their boundaries with account type and permissions. You have complete control over what information your members can see and what they can do.

Member profile settings

You can choose from our presets or set your own custom permissions.

Click here to view complete permission management controls and FAQ.

Member permissions

You can set your invoices or products to be verified and approved by higher authority team member before being published. This makes your process less error prone and improve sales coordination between members and management.

Invoice approval

Advance Inventory

SMIELS has powerful and advance inventory management system that allows you to add and manage products. You can assign products, inventory or a category to team member/s such as a sales person. Set your business process the way you want it. SMIELS automatically updates your stock with acquire and dispatch operations under warehousing. Easily import products from CSV file.

Product Edit page

You can attach following attributes with each product and store for use in Invoices, Estimates and Purchase Orders within SMIELS and Quickfile.

SKU - Code number/name of the product, can be alphanumeric.

Product Name – Name of the product

Brand Name – Name of the Brand

Category and Sub-Category – For easy organization

Color and Quantity – For easy identification

Purchase Price, Sale price, VAT – Set default values, these can also be updated in each invoice. SMIELS also supports multiple VAT types with custom value, you can view VAT Details in SMIELS settings page.

Profit% is calculated automatically.

You can also assign a team member to manage and handle sales/purchase of the product or the category.

You can also add description and attach any documents with each product.

Import from CSV File

You can also select Tools option from left sidebar and import csv file of products. Learn more.

Warehousing operations

Purchase and Sales invoices are linked with acquire and dispatch history. Your GRN/GDN operations will automatically update the stock value of the product. You can view complete history for acquires and dispatches in Warehouse option in the sidebar in your application.

Acquire GRN page

Improved Invoices

SMIELS provides support for Sales Invoices, Sales Estimates, Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders and more. The invoices are formatted for easy readability and better understanding. You can easily customize the look and feel of the invoice within settings. SMIELS also allows you to include custom notes in the invoices which can be set in the settings.

Invoice customization

Upon approval from client, your Sales estimates will become a sales invoice. And same is the case with purchase order which becomes a purchase invoice after approval from your supplier.

Sample invoice

Customized VAT support

SMIELS supports following VAT types and allows you to enter custom values as per needs.

Smiels VAT options

You can also set default values and default invoice notes for each VAT type in the settings.

Invoice VAT defaults

Quickfile Inventory

In order to save time during product entry into invoices, Quickfile stores ITEM NAME, DESCRIPTION, UNIT COST, and QUANTITY for each product called reusable item.

These can be limiting and also create confusion with other variable names such as categories. Not having product stock and sold quantities is a pain point for businesses.

Furthermore, the stored variable names are not exactly what it sounds like. In Quickfile, the ITEM NAME is used as the SKU or the codenumber for the product. This code is also limited to 25 characters which can create trouble for product SKU entry.

The UNIT COST works like Sale price this can also create misunderstandings. There are only 3 options for VAT 0, 5% and 20%. And the QUANTITY field is locked with value 1.00 which defeats the purpose of storing quantity.

Continue reading to find out how SMIELS can solve your inventory with easy Quickfile Integration. Or you can read more about Quickfile reusable items by clicking here.

How to Integrate SMIELS with Quickfile

Integrating SMIELS with Quickfiles provides you with inventory, stock and advanced user management for invoices functionalities. To find out more about the amazing benefits of integrating SMIELS with Quickflow, click here.

Getting QuickFile Account ID

  • Login to Quickfile.
  • Click on your profile name in top right corner.
  • Note the Account ID.
Menu Preview

Getting SMIELS token from Quickfile

  • Login to Quickfile.
  • Under Help, select Additional Services.
  • Now select Quickfile Marketplace.
Quickfile Dashboard

  • From the list of options, find SMIELS.
  • Click Connect button and note the token ID.
Quickfile Marketplace

Connect SMIELS to Quickfile

  • Login to SMIELS.
  • In top right corner click settings icon.
Smiels settings
  • Select Settings from dropdown menu.
  • Select Account Integration.
Smiels account Integration settings
  • Enter the collected credentials and press save button
Smiels account Integration settings - verified

If the Status indicator turns green and says verified, you have successfully completed the SMIELS account integration with Quickfile.

In case of failure, kindly verify that the account id and token credentials are accurate.

If issue persists, kindly contact us through live support or send us a quick message here.

Create a free SMIELS account at www.smiels.com and improve your business today.