Get a clear picture of your business with Smiels Reporting. Gain valuable insights and pinpoint areas which require attention. These reports can be generated with custom rules so you can boost your numbers. Reports can be exported in PDF and Excel formats.

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Cutting-edge features for advanced reporting

Ease of use

SMIELS reporting is easy with custom filters and easy export options. Get what you need to increase your numbers.

Custom Reports

Apply custom filters and rules to easily customize reports and get the information you need.


Pinpoint areas of attention and gain valuable insights from your data analysis.


Easily export your reports in PDF and Excel formats with click of a button.

Inventory Management

Product Information fields

  • SKU
  • Product Name
  • Brand Name
  • Image
  • Category and Sub Category
  • Color and Quantity
  • Purchase Price, Sale Price
  • VAT
  • Profit %
  • Description
  • Attach Documents
  • Status and Tags
  • Assign to sale person if needed

Warehouse Operations

SMIELS automatically updates your stock with acquire and dispatch operations under warehousing.  It is easy to trace. You can also make stock adjustments.


Easily maintain product warehousing history for acquire. When you purchase, you can generate Acquire history and select products against that purchase invoice. You are also able to assign serial numbers to each product, and add IMEI as well. Or you can just add a manual count of number of products which will automatically be added to product stock.

User Management

Add team members and assign Inventory manager or sales persons who will be able to create, update and manage your inventory. You can set custom permissions like sales persons can only manage products which have been assigned to them. Read more about user management.


When you Acquire or Dispatch, you can select the courier, shipping status (To be charged, Free or Charged), and add description and shipping fee if applicable. You can also add tracking id for dispatch.


Easily maintain product warehousing history for dispatch. When you sell, you can generate Dispatch history and select products against that sales invoice. You can select serial numbers or IMEI of each product to be dispatched. These numbers are verified from according to input done during acquire process. Or you can just add a manual count of number of products which are being dispatched and it will automatically be subtracted from the product stock.


  • Gross profit
  • Tax amounts
  • Net profit
  • Sales commissions
  • Company commission net profit

Improve Performance

Sales reports generate insights and help you understand your business numbers. Seeing how your salespersons efforts directly impact the big picture can increase motivation and improve employee productivity.

Informed Decisions

Reports provide accurate and up to date information which helps you make an informed decision which is crucial for business success strategy.

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User behaviour

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User engagement

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