Smiels provides seamless integration with industry leading accounting softwares. You can use Smiels in combination with QuickFile and QuickBook.

SMILES can be integrated
with leading softwares


QuickFile is a provider of cloud accounting software for businesses of multiple sizes.

Easy Integration

Integration process is easy and simple. Goto SMIELS settings and integrate with your Quickfile Account ID and token.


QuickBooks is an accounting software package developed and marketed by Intuit.

Token Verification

Safe and secure integration with token verification. Use both softwares interchangeably.


User Management

SMIELS has industry leading user management optimizations. Easily add team members and set their boundaries with account type and permissions. You have complete control over what information your members can see and what they can do.

Advance Inventory

SMIELS has powerful and advance inventory management system that allows you to add and manage products. You can assign products, inventory or a category to team member/s such as a sales person. Set your business process the way you want it. SMIELS automatically updates your stock with acquire and dispatch operations under warehousing. Easily import products from CSV file.

Warehousing operations

Purchase and Sales invoices are linked with acquire and dispatch history. Your GRN/GDN operations will automatically update the stock value of the product. You can view complete history for acquires and dispatches in Warehouse option in the sidebar in your application.

Improved Invoices

SMIELS provides support for Sales Invoices, Sales Estimates, Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders and more. The invoices are formatted for easy readability and better understanding. You can easily customize the look and feel of the invoice within settings. SMIELS also allows you to include custom notes in the invoices which can be set in the settings.

Customized VAT support

SMIELS supports following VAT types and allows you to enter custom values as per needs.

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