Purchase Management

You can streamline purchase process with our easy to use purchase estimate and invoices. Smiels makes the purchase control process easy, low cost and efficient with latest built-in warehouse operations. Keep reading to find out how.

SMIELS Purchase ManagementSMIELS Price List

Progressive features for managing purchases

Warehouse Operations

Manage Acquire and Dispatch process with ease. SMIELS supports multiple currencies in all sales, purchase and warehouse operations.

Purchase Invoices

Create and share Purchase invoices with suppliers in multiple currencies and VAT types. Handle Warehouse Process with ease.

Purchase Order

Create and manage Purchase orders. Assign tasks to team members and manage permissions with advanced user management features.


Approval system with complete hierarchical view so you can easily trace all updates and changes.

Purchase Invoices and Purchase Estimates

With SMIELS you can create unlimited customizable Sales Invoices and Sales Estimates, Purchase Invoices and Purchase Orders. You can easily set brand colors and brand logo to personalize the invoice design. Our font selection is clean and simple. Once your Sales Estimate or Purchase Order is accepted you can directly convert it into an Invoice. You can choose from curated templates or create your own by editing the invoice structure with our drag and drop editor. Make your invoice process simpler and efficient with invoice status and smart filters. The Invoices have leading approval system which many other invoicing software lack. There are a number of invoice status such as Pending, Approved, Processed and more. It ensures your Sales team is fully coordinated and team collaboration is on point.


The Invoices can be exported easily with one click email to client or you can export the invoice as a pdf file which is print friendly.

Payment Terms and Notes

Easily attach your payment terms and policies in your invoice. It contains all your terms of payments such as payment method, due date, consequences of late payment and how any possible scenario will be dealt.


Speaking of Team collaboration and coordination, questions can arise regarding invoice changes and updates.Well, no need to worry because each invoice has Traceable Recent History where you can find out which team member made changes and when.

Handle late payments

The best time to send an invoice is immediately after a purchase of service, or right after delivering the products or right after your project is completed. Set due date on your invoices in the top right corner. Send a respectful reminder or a notice when the due date is near. Which will alert your client to clear the amount as soon as possible.


VAT types standard tax, EC rate, reverse charge, margin VAT and zero rate are supported by SMIELS. You don’t have to waste time in manually recalculating all your amounts for VAT and adjusting your profit margins. You can also set default VAT notes for each in your settings which are attached with your invoices to further clarify any misunderstanding or confusion your client may have.

Branded invoices

Your clients can judge your professionalism by your invoice design. Therefore invoice design matters. Your invoice should be clear and easy to read and understand. Customize your invoices with your brand colors and include your company logo and your Client/Supplier’s company logo. It is important not to over design your invoice and to keep it simple.

Record of clients and suppliers

Maintain an easy to access record of your clients and suppliers so you can easily view details of contact person or your history of invoices with them. You can also assign sales persons from your team to specific clients or suppliers so they can only manage those clients.

Team Assignment

You can add Team members and assign them roles and custom permissions. If your member has access to invoices you can also limit the access to just the invoices he created. You can also exclusively assign a salesperson to one or more invoices or the other way around as assigning multiple salespersons to an invoice. This level of permission customization is not available in any other software.
SMIELS has the best invoice approval system with advanced user management so you can grow your business securely.

Join Hundreds of Business Owners who are making their Business Process Easy and Efficient with SMIELS.

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