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Getting started with SMIELS

Basic smiels account creation and setup guide for new users.

Account Creation

Any user can easily register himself into SMIELS application.

To get started, first visit the home page Smiels.com and enter your email address where it says get started.

email input
Email Input

Next, if your email is valid and unique you will get a mail to activate your account as you can see in the image attached below.

Note: If the email address is unable to be validated, the user will be prompted.

Now open your email inbox and click on the activation link sent by SMIELS. You will be taken to company registration page. You are required to provide the details of your company.

profile settings
Profile Registration

Note: Base currency cannot be changed later.

Once you have provided the basic company details, system verifies the correctness and will take you to the next step to setup a secure password for your account.

Note: The user who creates the company within the SMIELS application, becomes the Administrator of the company, having all the rights and authority to assign roles and permissions for team members.

profile password
Password Setting

Note: The password requirements are:

·        At-least 1 capital letter

·        At-least 1 numeric value

·        At-least 8 characters

When the registration process is successfully completed, you will be redirected to the login page of your company’s own domain page (yourbusinessname.smiels.com). You can access this link whenever you wish to login and use the application.

Login Page

After login you will be redirected to your company’s Dashboard.

Here you can view and manage all your operations as listed below:

·        Products

·        Sales

·        Purchases

·        Warehouse

·        Suppliers

·        Clients

·        Team

·        Accounts

For more information please select the required feature. You will be redirected to the specific feature description blog post.

Edit company details

On the Dashboard click on settings icon in the top right corner.

Navigation icons

Select My Company option. Company Profile page will open.

Company Settings

Edit your information and press the update button in top right corner.

Note: Base currency cannot be updated.

Press upload button to select profile picture for your company.

Upload Button

You can also attach documents and press update button.

attach documents
Attach document option

At the bottom you will be able to view recent history.

Recent History

Edit Profile Details

You can select My Profile option at bottom of sidebar to access User Settings page.

My profile

Here you can edit your profile information.

user settings
User setting screen


You can logout by clicking the power icon in top right corner.

nav icons
Navigation icons

You can also select the logout option at bottom of sidebar.

My profile

Note: System will prompt in case of any unsaved data in current page. If user still opts to logout, the un-saved data will be discarded.