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How to create and export customizable digital invoices with SMIELS as a freelancer or small business.

Create unlimited beautiful invoices for your business and freelance clients. Gain returning customers with brand influence.

First Step

To get started with creating free customizable invoices online, first login to your SMIELS account. If you don’t already have an account, visit www.smiels.com and create one for free. Enter your email address and activation link will be sent to you.

Business Information

If you entered your business information during registration, you can move to next step.

From your dashboard go to company settings page and enter your business information. Verify and click save or update button. Now we will add Product/Service and Client/Supplier information so its easier to include in invoices everytime.

company registration screen

Product or Service Information

From your dashboard, go to Products and add products or services that you or your business offers. Add applicable fields such as SKU, price, VAT, color and others. Press save button when done.

edit product

Add Client or Supplier Information

From your dashboard, go to Clients and add new clients or suppliers. Add required information and press save button.

edit client

Multiple Options

Do you wish to create a Sales Estimate, A Sales Invoice, Purchase Order or a Purchase Invoice?

Select the appropriate option from the Dashboard and add relevant information. When creating a sales estimate, you will also have the option to convert it into an invoice once it’s accepted. Same for the Purchase order you can convert it into a Purchase invoice once it’s accepted by the supplier. You can also assign team members for these tasks.

Read more about team members and user permissions in SMIELS.

Structure and Customization

From your SMIELS settings page, you are able to customize the structure and colors of your invoices, It is advised to use brand colors and your company logo in the invoice design. We have another article in which we discuss tips to improve your invoicing process to cut costs and increase revenue.

Read more tips for improving the invoicing process.

invoice settings

Export your invoice

Now that you have created your online invoice, it’s time to send it to your client or supplier.  The custom invoice you just created is printable and can also be directly emailed to your client or supplier. Press share invoice button to view pdf download or email options.

sample invoice

Tips for Freelancers

Managing your clients information and list of invoices is a crucial step in order to manage and optimize your funds. If you use 3rd party online platforms to sell your services, you may want to include contact links on your invoice where clients can contact you directly on your website or email for the next gig so you can save some fee charged by the 3rd party platform.

This will also help you build reputation and improve your portfolio to acquire high turnover clients.

Get started with SMIELS now, visit www.smiels.com