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Integrating SMIELS with Quickfile | Amazing benefits in 3 mins

Improved Inventory, Advance user permissions, easily customize and export modern invoices, automatically sync with QuickFile.

Integrating SMIELS with Quickfiles provides you with inventory, stock and advanced user management for invoices functionalities. To find out more about the amazing benefits of integrating SMIELS with Quickflow, click here.

Getting QuickFile Account ID

  • Login to Quickfile.
  • Click on your profile name in top right corner.
  • Note the Account ID.
Menu Preview

Getting SMIELS token from Quickfile

  • Login to Quickfile.
  • Under Help, select Additional Services.
  • Now select Quickfile Marketplace.
Quickfile Dashboard
  • From the list of options, find SMIELS.
  • Click Connect button and note the token ID.
Quickfile Marketplace

Connect SMIELS to Quickfile

  • Login to SMIELS.
  • In top right corner click settings icon.
Smiels settings
  • Select Settings from dropdown menu.
  • Select Account Integration.
Smiels account Integration settings
  • Enter the collected credentials and press save button
Smiels account Integration settings - verified

If the Status indicator turns green and says verified, you have successfully completed the SMIELS account integration with Quickfile.

In case of failure, kindly verify that the account id and token credentials are accurate.

If issue persists, kindly contact us through live support or send us a quick message here.